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Welcome to Dipnbite, the cafe where you can sip and savor delicious coffee and snacks anytime. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about our us

How to become a part of Dip n Bite franchise network

Interested individuals can explore franchise opportunities by contacting our franchise department through our website or reaching out via email or phone.

How Dip N Bite is so budget frindly 

Dip 'n' Bite remains budget-friendly due to its simple, versatile ingredients, ideal for sharing and portion control. Homemade variations, extended portions, and ingredient customization make it a cost-effective choice for gatherings, ensuring affordability without compromising on flavor or variety.

How much initial investment required for the Dip N Bite franchise 

The initial investment or token money for a Dip 'n' Bite franchise can vary significantly based on location, size, and specific franchise terms. Generally, franchise fees for a Dip 'n' Bite establishment might range starts from 1,00,000 as an initial fee.

What sets Dip N Bite apart from other cafes?

Dip N Bite prides itself on offering a unique blend of gourmet flavors at affordable prices, catering to diverse tastes with an innovative menu and a cozy ambiance

How can a individual get a Dip N Bite franchise 

To obtain a Dip 'n' Bite franchise: Research franchise details, apply, meet with representatives, review agreements, pay fees, undergo training, set up the outlet, and operate according to the brand's standards and guidelines.

How much is the royalty fee ?

The current royalty fee for a Dip 'n' Bite franchise is set at 3% of the gross sales. This fee is a percentage-based contribution from the franchisee's total sales revenue.

What we believe in!


Mr Saurabh kumawat 

As the owner of Dip 'n' Bite, I believe in fostering a welcoming environment where flavor and creativity thrive. Our brand embodies inclusivity, innovation, and quality. We prioritize using fresh, diverse ingredients to craft unique dipping experiences. We aim to create a community hub where customers savor delicious bites while connecting over shared moments, embracing diversity, and enjoying the simple pleasure of dipping into extraordinary flavors. Excellence in taste, service, and community engagement remains at the core of Dip 'n' Bite's ethos.
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