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Our Story


In 2021, Mr. Uday Sharma ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship, launching his maiden cloud kitchen, For a dedicated two-year stint, this kitchen flourished exclusively on Swiggy and Zomato platforms. Destiny intervened in 2023, as Mr. Saurabh Kumawat crossed paths with Uday. Fuelled by a shared passion for culinary innovation, they aspired to revolutionize the fast-food scene. With a vision to introduce novel and top-tier fast-food offerings at an irresistible price point, Dip N Bite (DnB) came into existence. The brand emerged in Jaipur, starting modestly but rapidly gaining momentum. In just a year, seven outlets sprung up across the city. Beyond geographical borders, their ambitions soared high, aspiring to redefine global standards by delivering unparalleled quality and taste at remarkably affordable prices through DnB's delectable offerings.

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